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Restoration of Tram Car 1220

Front of a red historic tram car with some wood panels exposed

The City of Richmond acquired Tram Car 1220, after decades of being off the tracks, and opened the Steveston Tram museum on May 3, 2013. Five years later, Tram Car 1220 made an exciting return to its former glory after three long years of restoration efforts. A dedicated team of volunteers, conservators, curators, and professionals spent hundreds of hours over the course of three years to restore the tram. During this period, visitors to the Steveston Tram had the unique opportunity to watch the car restoration work in progress from 2016 to 2018. Here is a Richmond News article from 2017 about the project.

Restoration work focused on:

  • Cleaning and painting the undercarriage.
  • Upgrading the electrical system to meet today‚Äôs standards.
  • Restoring seat frames.
  • Reupholstering seat cushions with authentic materials. 
  • Rebuilding the interior bench seats.
  • Repairing the roof utilizing original materials like canvas.
  • Painting Tram Car 1220 to its original colour. 
  • Cleaning and installation of brass fixtures and other interior components.
  • Installing the trolley bases and poles.
  • Today staff at the Steveston Tram maintain and monitor the Tram Car to ensure that it will be enjoyed by visitors for years to come.

Today, visitors can come and visit the tram for an immersive experience of what it once was like to ride the rails as a Steveston resident from the early to mid-1900s.

Watch this short video about the restoration project: