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Sharing Tram Memories for BC Heritage Week

Yellow and blue vintage ad about Reddy Kilowatt

Do you or your family have memories of riding the Interurban Trams of Richmond?

This year, February 28th marks the 65th anniversary of the last Interurban Tram run to Steveston in 1958. On that date, tram cars decorated with the face of the BC Electric Railway (BCER) mascot “Reddy Kilowatt” were filled with passengers eager to experience one last ride.

A vast network of trams and street cars once ran throughout the Lower Mainland. The BCER Interurban trams connected all of the major centres to as far away as Chilliwack, in the Fraser Valley. Street cars filled the streets of Vancouver, North Vancouver, and New Westminster. The last remaining trams on this network ran between Steveston and Marpole in South Vancouver. It all came to an end after the Second World War when the automobile became the new king of transportation. The rail lines were torn up and most of the trams were destroyed.

During BC Heritage Week, to commemorate this 65th anniversary, share your memories and stories of the riding the trams in Richmond. Or perhaps there are stories and memories about riding trams and streetcars in your own hometown, outside of Richmond.

One name will be drawn at random from the entries, to win an original 1955 Reddy Kilowatt Electric Companies Mascot pin.


Thank you to everyone who shared their memorable moments of riding transit, whatever mode it may have been. Congratulations to Byron F., who has been drawn as the winner of the Reddy Kilowatt mascot pin.

Here are some of the stories that were shared:

There was no Tram when I was a little boy growing up in old Steveston, but we all walked those tracks a million times, it was the childhood highway we all used. I miss the sound of the train rolling into town, it is a sound I’ll always remember. – Louis S.C.

I’m young so don’t remember Trams but remember how excited I was to ride skytrain when it opened. – Ryan P.

I remember the first time I rode the DC Metro. I was so excited. My parents and I were on our way to a performance and my mother says I was more excited about the metro then the event we were going to. – Thea S.

The little guy from the Buzzer folder on every vehicle, bus, tram, street car. I didn’t the tram often, but it was an adventure when I did because it always ended in downtown Vancouver. My Grandmother was who always took me, usually just the two of us, me +/- 8 years old. Our family dairy farm was at #2 and River Road (Brentwood Farm Dairy), Oval site now. My family lived with my Grandparents until 1948, when we moved out and into Marpole. While only a block from the Marpole tram depot my tram experience then was only to school 37th & East Blvd., in Kerrisdale until the service stopped. I rode my bike to visit the farm after moving. I don’t recall the Lulu tram stop being very far from the farm, but today in the car I know now it was. We walked it to the Lulu Station at #2 and Granville from the farm. I don’t ever recall going to Steveston that way. Being a seasonal fisherman my Dad had a fish boat and that is how I got to Steveston when I did go. – Byron F.

Riding the vintage trams in Milan with my folding bike. -Will D.

Age 6-7 riding with my mother on a tram in downtown Vancouver. (We lived in Vancouver.) I remember the cane seats and motorman’s controls. We read “The Buzzer”. – Terry F.