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Celebrating Museums and Heritage Sites

As we celebrate International Museums Day (May 18) and BC Museums Week 2023 (May 14-20) we encourage everyone to visit their local museums, galleries and heritage sites, to be inspired to make changes in our lives and communities.

Steveston is home to several heritage sites, including the Britannia Shipyards National Historic Site, Steveston Tram and Steveston Museum & Post Office. These sites showcase the village’s rich and diverse history through thought-provoking exhibits and knowledgeable heritage interpreters, sharing stories based on the experiences of residents past and present.

Learn about this area’s past, from its Indigenous roots to its thriving fishing, canning and boatbuilding industry, including darker times such as the Japanese-Canadian community’s internment during the Second World War.

For many locals, these sites offer the chance to connect with their roots and learn about the history of the place they call home. For new visitors, it’s an opportunity to make connections between their own lives and those of the locals. With the diverse communities that have lived here, our sites share the stories of different groups which contributed to the opportunities for cultural exchange and innovation.

Museums, galleries, and heritage sites are critical to the vibrancy of our communities. This BC Museums Week, we join fellow cultural organizations in recognizing how museums change lives.