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International Museum Day

Poster for International Museum Day 2023 with illustrated tree and girl on a swing

On May 18, International Museum Day 2023 focusses on sustainability and well-being. Museums are key contributors to the well-being and to the sustainable development of our communities.

Britannia Shipyards National Historic Site, Steveston Museum & Post Office, and the farmhouse at London Farm, all showcase our community’s heritage in repurposed buildings, preserving important cultural landmarks while reducing waste and minimizing the need for new construction. By avoiding the need for building new buildings to house our museums, significant amounts of energy and resources are conserved, reducing the carbon footprint of construction. These buildings are rich in history and character. Through their preservation, heritage sites in Steveston are able to maintain a connection to the past and promote a sense of cultural identity and continuity.

Take the time to appreciate all those past and present who have worked hard to preserve the heritage sites and buildings in your community, for the enlightenment and inspiration of future generations.