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All Aboard the Sockeye Special!

Red and white historic tram car surrounded by wood and rope stanchions

For over fifty years, the Steveston Tram provided transportation for workers into Steveston during the busy fishing and canning seasons, earning it the nickname Sockeye Special. The Interurban Tram connected Richmond residents to the Lower Mainland and was an important part of daily life. For a special occasion such as the Steveston Salmon Festival, it is only fitting that we offer something special to the tens of thousands of visitors who come for the event.

On July 1st at 7 am, a team of skilled carpenters pulled the Tram Car 1220 outside onto the tracks. Visitors were able to climb aboard, gaze out the windows to spot the original railroad path, and wave to their friends and family below. While the Tram is no longer used during locals’ daily commute, visitors were able to step back in time by boarding the vehicle, and experiencing firsthand its restored interior.

Visitors ranged from those who remember riding the trams in the early 20th century to those who had never seen one before. Guests eagerly took photos to document and share their trip to the Steveston Tram.

The only thing more exciting than boarding the tram was seeing it winched back into the building at the end of the day. A crowd gathered to say good-bye to Tram Car 1220 before it returned safely behind locked doors.

Thank you everyone for visiting the Steveston Tram this July 1st, and we hope that you will return to climb aboard again.

The Steveston Tram is open daily during the summer season, from 10am to 5pm. Admission is free.