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2023 Canadian Museum Crossword Puzzle Out Now!

hand holding up smartphone with crossword puzzle on screen, in front of the Britannia Shipyard building

A crossword featuring clues from museums and historic sites across Canada? Yes please! This may be just the thing to enjoy a nice breezy (hopefully shady) afternoon this summer, and we’re thrilled to have a clue from Britannia Shipyards National Historic Site featured in this year’s puzzle. This annual crossword features clues from up to 50 museums and cultural sites nationwide and is created by the Canadian Museum of History and the Canadian War Museum.

Enrich your understanding of Canada’s diverse and vibrant legacy by trying the 2023 Canadian Museum Crossword Puzzle for yourself, starting with Britannia Shipyard’s clue at 39 across.

Here’s the clue: Situated along the _________ River in British Columbia, Britannia Shipyards National Historic Site features a collection of heritage buildings, including an old shipyard, bunkhouses and boatbuilding areas. This site showcases the diverse and multicultural workforce that shaped Steveston’s salmon industry.

So easy (for locals)! But if you are still stuck, come to our heritage site to discover how Steveston’s fishing industry was shaped by this mighty river and brought to life by its workforce. Listen to stories diverse people who lived and worked in Steveston, including the First Nations, and the early European, Japanese, and Chinese settlers.

Better yet, purchase a ticket for a one-hour guided tour led by one of our knowledgeable heritage interpreters. Experience the stories and exhibits that you might miss during a self-guided visit. You will definitely find out the answer to the clue during the tour!

Once you have solved this clue, continue learning about Canadian heritage and discover facts, artifacts, and stories about our country’s past and present.  Are you up for the challenge?