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Winner of Name the Pig Contest Announced

Young boy posing with toy pig sitting on a historic tram bench
Meet “Marty” the Tram Pig

This past Spring Break, we asked young visitors to Steveston Tram to help name our stowaway tram pig. After careful selection from almost 400 entries, we are happy to announce the winning name – MARTY!

Mart (or Marty), won over other shortlisted monikers, including Spike, Whistle, Bartholomew and Purdy. If you haven’t noticed already, the winning name is cleverly “TRAM” spelled backwards.

Congratulations to five-year old Seb from Vancouver, for his winning submission. We thanked Seb for his contribution with a gift card to a local toy shop.

For those who are curious – other popular submissions included the names of pigs from films, television, and books including Piglet, Wilbur, Olivia, Peter Porker and Spider Ham, Miss Piggy, Peppa, Porky, and Cicero (Porky Pig’s nephew).

There were also the inevitable Trammy McTram Face and Piggy McPig Face entries. Sigh

The most common submissions were variations on Piggy, Pinkie, Oink, Bob, and Steve (perhaps a short form of Steveston?). There were also many submissions around the theme of pork products such as a number of Bacons, including a few Kevin Bacons, Sausage, Ham, and the heroic name of Captain Porkwood.

Another notable name was Potato, perhaps a reference to the baked spuds that Richmond kids used to give conductors in exchange for a free ride, and Peanut, a nice nod to the Tram passengers’ favourite snack. You can find both potatoes and peanuts onboard the Tram display.

Thank you to everyone who entered and congratulations again to Seb!