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School Program

Guided Heritage Tours (School Groups)

Grades 7-12

This guided tour led by a Heritage Interpreter provides an overview of the historic significance of the site.

Man with beard in brown overalls and blue denim shirt standing facing a blonde woman in beige blazer and purple leggings and a blonde woman in a flower print dress, on a wooden walkway leading into a large wooden building with a sign: Britannia Shipyard The Anglo British Columbia Packing Co. Ltd,

Discover the stories of a diverse fishing, canning, and boat building community at the scenic Britannia Shipyards National Historic Site on the shores of the Fraser River. This one-hour guided tour, led by a Heritage Interpreter, will include introductions to the heritage buildings which illustrate the past living and working conditions of the communities and how they contribute to the character of Steveston today.


$5.00 per student


90 minutes


Availability: Year-round (weather dependent, contact us in advance to confirm availability)

Times: Can be customized to suit class schedules

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