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Seine Net Loft

Built in the 1950s over water, the large Seine Net Loft building is now home to exhibits about the innovation in the fishing industries.

Interior displays of fishing nets illuminated with green and blue lights in the Seine Net Loft

A series of interactive exhibits in the Seine Net Loft look at innovation and human ingenuity in the fishing and boatbuilding industries of Steveston. Explore fascinating stories of our changing waterfront and the individuals from many cultures who worked together to achieve prosperity during times of plenty and times of economic, political and social turmoil.

Engaging photographs, artefacts, films, audio clips, activity kits and an interactive touch screen guide visitors through the rich history that shaped present day Steveston. Explore six exhibits: “Our Coastal Connection,” “At the Helm: The Marine Products Company,” “Our Changing Waterfront,” “Mechanizing the Industry: Marine Engines and Machine Shops,” the interactive “Innovation Station,” and a recent display showcasing the SS Master.

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The Seine Net Loft building stands on pilings over the water, and may be closed seasonally due to high tides.