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Steveston Tram Car 1220

One of the original trams that ran on Richmond Interurban rail system, connecting Steveston to Marpole in Vancouver.

Interior of a wooden tram car lined two rows of wicker chairs and vintage advertising posters hung on the sides.

For over fifty years, the tram service was an important and beloved transportation link for the Steveston community. Passengers and workers riding along the railway made many special memories. Learn about these hidden histories, including why Tram Car 1220 was often nicknamed the “Father and Son” line or the “Peanut Express”.

While exploring the tram, hear the original sounds of Tram Cars 1220 and 1222 as they zipped along the streets of Richmond. Take a seat and enjoy the passing sounds of chugging wheels, air horn blasts, and the motor whine of the car, as you imagine the ride from the Lulu Island Branch to Steveston.

The audio files for the soundscape were restored, digitized, and donated to the Steveston Tram by Kenneth Gear. The recording was done by American Railroad Enthusiast Eugene Van Dusen on July 14, 1956, two years before the final voyage of Tram Car 1220. 

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Tram car 1220 was carefully restored by the work of many. Watch this video which documents the restoration project which took over three years to complete.