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Steveston Tram

Visit the museum to explore Tram Car 1220, one of the last interurban tram cars which serviced the city from 1913-1958. For 55 years, the interurban tram transported people between Steveston to Vancouver, New Westminster, and as far away as Chilliwack on the BC Electric Railway Company line. Step inside the beautifully restored tram, and learn about the communities and the passengers that it serviced – not all of them human!

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Steveston Tram
Steveston Nikkei Memorial

In 2019, the Steveston Nikkei Memorial park was opened next to the Steveston Tram, at the corner of Moncton Street and No. 1 Road. The memorial’s location is intentional and important. Over … Continued

Steveston Tram
Restoration of Tram Car 1220

The City of Richmond acquired Tram Car 1220, after decades of being off the tracks, and opened the Steveston Tram museum on May 3, 2013. Five years later, Tram Car … Continued

Steveston Tram
Peter Grant LEGO display at Steveston Tram

Local LEGO creator Peter Grant’s recreation of Steveston Tram Car 1220 and the Tram Barn are now on permanent display at the Steveston Tram. You can find them in the … Continued